Ricardo Sousa

Backend Developer at Blip

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Who's Ricardo?

Ricardo is a young creative developer from Braga (Portugal), currently working as a Backend Developer at Blip.pt. His main passions are music, movies and video games.
He also loves mobile devices (yeah, he's a huge Android fan) and graphic design, but if you want to know more about his technical skills, check out the experience section and take a look at some projects that he worked on.

Main strengths

Ricardo sees himself as a creative thinker and a perfectionist who likes to explore alternative solutions to problems and to have an open mind about what will work best for each situation, coming up with carefully crafted solutions in a timely manner.
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From embedded devices to high performance concurrent services, he's got your back.
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Information Security Professional

With an MSc Degree specialization in Cryptography and Information Systems Security plus two years of expertise on the Public Key Infrastructures (PKIs) behind the Portuguese Citizen Card and Cape Verde's e-ID, Ricardo is a motivated professional with a strong background on Information Security systems and services.

Frontend and Backend

From web user interfaces to concurrent services and embedded devices, Ricardo's work ranges from the specification and development of a versatile BackOffice template with client-side HTTPS authentication, user profiles/access control and secure audit logs, to the development and integration of a Javacard applet in a mobile environment and the development of several critical services with high performance needs.

Passionate Android Developer

An ever-growing appeal for Android's architecture and design principles led Ricardo's devotion to shift towards the development of "pet projects" for this platform, since his first contact with the Android OS in 2011. With the branching of this platform to a broader range of devices, his interest was leverage with the recent release of Android Wear.

Need to be sure? Check out these projects below.
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Soundpipe — provisory name — is an ambicious personal project in its early days that focuses on closing the gap between music discovery and playback services (such as Shazaam, Soundhound, Spotify and Grooveshark). Source code for the server-side logic can be browsed here. Client-side applications will be kept closed source for now; more details to be added later.


A dynamic, configurable and expansible digital signage solution running on Node.js, capable of displaying different page subsets across multiple rooms and views/screens (i.e. context specific page lists, sincronized across all viewers). Source code publicly available (under AGPL v3) at Bitbucket. Online demo here (experimental stage - CRUD operations allowed on "playground" room only, please report any bugs).


This is a (really-long-term) WIP web platform for a friendly football betting league (no money involved, just for fun! :) ), which — if it ever sees the light of day — will be initially targeted for a closed group of members by invite only. So far, Ricardo's main contribution for this project relies on the specification of the Web service REST API and the development of an Android client interface for the platform's service.

MDDE on Smartphones

For his MSc dissertation, Ricardo had to study, specify and implement a mobile solution that could be integrated with a Portuguese electronic postmark service (known as MDDE). The project's POC consisted in an Android application that was equivalent — in terms of usability, security constrains and workflow — to the existing desktop plugin.

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